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What’s the Difference between Chest Reconstruction and Breast Reduction?

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Breast Reduction

The idea of gender can generate much discussion.

For some people, it is hard for them to identify with the gender that society sees them as. For some who are born women, they are not comfortable in their bodies and wish to achieve chest masculinization or neutralization.In laymen’s terms, chest masculinization or neutralization translates to getting rid of breasts. This unwanted body part may be all that stands in the way of someone living as their true self.Chest reconstruction is a procedure that is commonly known as FTM top surgery or bilateral mastectomy with chest reconstruction. This procedure is designed with the individual in mind, knowing that they are unhappy with their current chest and wish to make it appear more masculine or neutral.The goal of FTM top surgery is to give the individual the chest they want through cosmetic or reconstructive mastectomy – aka the surgical removal of breasts. This surgery can be done to make someone appear more masculine or androgynous. It is your body and your choice.Another option for FTM top surgery is breast reduction. Breast reduction differs from chest reconstruction because it only reduces the size of the individual’s chest instead of removing the breasts entirely.If you’re looking to completely rid yourself of the feminine outlines of your chest then breast reduction surgery is not right for you. However, if you wish to only make your chest smaller without ultimate removal then you may want to consider the reduction.Both procedures eliminate excess skin, fat and tissues from the chest. The amount removed during the procedure is what differentiates these two surgeries.With traditional breast reductions, some of the breasts are removed but not all of it. On the contrary, with FTM chest reconstruction, all core fat and tissues are removed along with milk producing ducts and glands. This surgery creates a masculine looking chest and requires nipple grafting. This is the removal and relocation of an individual’s nipples. Nipple relocation can oftentimes result in a reduction in nipple sensation.After a breast reduction, if you are not satisfied with the appearance of your reduced chest area, you can still have the reconstruction surgery. Patients should keep in mind that having two surgeries may increase scarring and discomfort during the healing process. It’s not usually recommended that an individual have both surgeries, so it’s best to consult a doctor that specializes in this area before making a choice.