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Transgender: When To Transition

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Transgender: When To Transition

We can set reminders in our phones and computers to tell us to pick up milk on our way home from work, but we can’t set an alert that tells us when the best time to transition is. If you are transgender or struggling with your gender identity, it’s up to you when you decide to take the next step. It’s also up to you to decide what that next step is, whether it’s changing your name, having gender-affirming surgery or even telling your friends and family that you wish to live as your true self from now on.

Children transitioning: Is there a right time?

If you are the parent of a transgender child, you should support them no matter what. However, they may be too young for hormone therapy and gender-affirming surgery. It’s best to wait until your child is an adolescent to begin hormone therapy. In terms of surgery, only a board-certified plastic surgeon and their primary care physician can let you know when your child will be ready to have their FTM procedure. Generally, gender-affirming surgery is performed once you are well into adulthood and the body has finished developing. Some people transition when they are in their teens and wait until after puberty (when they are in their twenties) to undergo a surgical procedure.

Adults transitioning: Make your own rules

There is no right or wrong time to transition. It is up to the individual when they want to transition or have gender-affirming surgery. Besides there being no right or wrong time to transition, there is also no right or wrong way to transition. Some people opt to live without having surgery while others have their surgery within a year or two of hormone therapy. Being trans is specific to the individual, and it’s your choice how to present yourself. There is often societal pressure to conform to gender stereotypes. This pressure can also come from your friends and family, which is why the you should transition as you see fit. Some people work with a psychologist to help them deal with society’s pressure to conform to gender standards, while others deal with it on their own. The time and way that you transition is up to you. We can help provide resources on transgender cosmetic surgery. Please contact us to make an appointment so you can start living as your true self.