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Trans Fellas

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Trans Fellas Logo|Immediately After FTM Surgery|Post FTM Surgery

Trans Fellas is an online advice, information & support page on Instagram & YouTube.Run by a Canadian Transman from Southern Ontario, Cohen Glaw is a 30 year old transman who came out in Fall 2013. He began his medical transition on June 23rd 2014 by starting Testosterone, on January 5th 2015 he underwent a Double Incision Mastectomy with Nipple Grafts at The McLean Clinic in Mississauga, Ontario, followed by a Complete Hysterectomy on April 11th 206 in Kitchener, On.

Trans Fellas Logo

Since beginning his transition he has created Trans Fellas to give advice, information & support to Trans/Non-Binary Persons, not only in Canada but Worldwide! Every so often there are Giveaways & Shout Outs to boost positivity online. You can check out everything Trans Fellas has to offer via these links:

Trans Fellas also works with The McLean Clinic to keep up to date with info & by accepting Binder Donations. If you are a Patient & want to donate your old binders simply let The McLean Clinic know & bring them with on the day of your surgery. The office will collect the binders & Cohen personally pick them up & then give them away to trans/non-binary persons who are unable to get themselves a binder. You may even see him!

Immediately After FTM Surgery

For Parents/Guardians of Youth Patients needing information/support or help with Trans related things you can email: to connect with Cohen, who is happy to help however he can. *This option is specifically for Parents/Guardians who need help concerning Youth Transition.If you are a Trans/Non-Binary Person looking for advice/information or support you can follow Trans Fellas on Instagram & YouTube at the links below!! You may also contact Trans Fellas by sending a Private Message on Instagram.

Post FTM Surgery

***Please keep in mind that Trans Fellas is a Non-Profit, Trans Charity that is run on the Owner's free time & will try to respond in a timely fashion.***Feel free to browse the pages, follow & subscribe. Trans Fellas here to help others going through their transition whether medically or non-medically.