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Tips For Changing Your Style After FTM Surgery

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Style Tips For FTM

Undergoing FTM surgery is a significant change that requires you to adapt your physical appearance in a variety of ways.

In many cases, a dramatic change in a person’s physique means that they’ll have to update their clothing to complement their new look. The following are tips for changing your style after FTM surgery so that you can create a look that flatters your body shape and allows you to express your own unique sense of style.

Start With The Right Fit

Clothes should fit in a way that suits your personal style, body shape, and comfort. They can be used to accentuate certain parts of your body, while drawing attention away from others if necessary. The fit can be used to contour your upper body and create a more masculine appearance. The fit of your pants can change the look of the hips and thighs. It should also be the proper length for your height, which is especially important for tall and short individuals who struggle to find the right pant sizes.

Choosing The Right Pants

Trans men are often unable to find pants that fit properly due to having hips that are broader than most men’s pants are designed for. Choosing the right pants can create the appearance of a smaller waist that’s proportional to your leg length. Pants with a slim or slim-straight fit are ideal for trans men who don’t want to draw too much attention to their legs. Those that have a tapered design give you a slimmer fit in the legs with a little more room in the thigh areas. If you can’t find pants that meet these criteria, you can choose pants with a higher waist size and slimmer leg fit. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different waist and cut size combinations to find what works for you.

Styling The Upper Body

The biggest challenge for many trans men is minimizing the look of their chests. Concealing binders can be difficult if you don’t know what shirts work best. Patterns can be used to achieve different effects. Symmetrical patterns are likely to show curves or underlying accessories more than asymmetrical patterns. The proper shirt fit can be used to accentuate the size and appearance of your arms as well. If your arms are on the smaller side, fitted sleeves can make them appear bigger. Finding shirts that contour your shoulders and arms while providing more room in the torso is ideal.

Height Considerations

Shorter people must focus on fit and patterns more than anyone else. Patterns that consist of thin vertical lines help create a taller appearance. Clothes that are too baggy can make you appear shorter than you are. Large patterns should be avoided along with thick belts or large shoe styles. Square-toed shoes are best suited for taller individuals. The length of your pants will also contribute to your overall appearance. If pants are too long, they won’t “break” properly at the ankles, which makes you appear shorter. Taller men must avoid pants that are too short as they can create an awkward look. Finding the right style after FTM surgery is easy when you know what to look for. The right fit, patterns, and accessories can help you achieve a look that reflects your personal tastes and gender identity.