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How soon after FTM surgery can I have sex?

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How soon after FTM surgery can I have sex?

The results from a FTM Top Surgery are felt psychologically and have lasting, positive impacts on a person’s lifestyle and well-being. It is a life-changing milestone for many transmen or non-binary patients. With this being said, top surgery is definitely a major surgical procedure. With the goal to create a more masculine looking chest, Dr. McLean will remove breast tissue, excess skin, and reposition and resize the nipples as needed. This means that after your procedure, it is imperative that you take the time to rest and fully recover before re-engaging in sexual intercourse. The best way to ensure the smoothest recovery process is to follow the instructions provided by Dr. McLean closely. This will ensure that you have a safe and successful recovery so that you can resume your normal routines as soon as possible.

Recovery: Physical Limitations

After your procedure, engaging in light physical activity, such as walking, will actually assist in your healing process and should be resumed as soon as possible. With this said, it is important to avoid any form of physical activity, such as sexual intercourse, that may cause you to sweat or perspire for at least 3 weeks after your procedure. This includes any activity or sex position where you will be required to lean on your arms or that uses your arm and chest muscles. Furthermore, avoid lifting anything more than 5 lbs, which is approximately the weight of a mobile laptop or computer for the first 4 weeks after your procedure. In order to reduce swelling and other complications post-op, any form of physical activity and exertion that will cause your heart rate or blood pressure to increase should be avoided.Once you have recovered for a full 3 weeks, you may begin re-introducing light cardio into your daily activities as long as the arms are not used very much. Many of our patients start to feel more comfortable and experience minimal pain within 5 to 6 weeks after their procedure. During this time, you may also resume your normal exercise routine and participate in weight lifting exercises, which will signal the end of your recovery process.

Sexual Intimacy Following FTM Top Surgery

Following FTM chest surgery, the majority of transmen and transmasculine gender non-conforming people report greater confidence in their bodies. As a result, they experience increased sexual satisfaction because they are finally able to feel comfortable in their own skin.Many of our patients are extremely satisfied with their final results following their FTM chest surgery, but it is important to understand that FTM chest surgery can result in visible scarring. There are ways to minimize and treat the scars post-procedure and Dr. McLean will provide you with instructions and guidelines for post-procedure care.