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Seven 2018 Haircut Styles Post FTM Surgery

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Seven Haircut Styles Post FTM Surgery

Hair is important, and if you’ve recently undergone FTM top surgery, you probably want a cut that suits your new body. You may have a barber or hairstylist that you trust who can help you determine the best cut for your face shape.

Seven Haircut Styles Post FTM Surgery

To give you an idea of the best haircut styles for your face post FTM surgery, check out the list below.

  1. Round: If you have a round face, it is at a proportionate width and height. Your jaw is probably round and your cheekbones may lie flat with no dominate features. This is good news because you can rock a pompadour or faux hawk. These adventurous cuts will enhance your features, especially if you part your hair off-centre and keep the sides shorter with volume on top.
  2. Diamond: Those with diamond-shaped faces usually have wider cheekbones complimented by a narrow forehead and jaw. Try swept bangs and stay away from sides that are too short. Otherwise your forehead will look too narrow.
  3. Oblong: If you have an oblong face shape you want to balance it out with a short hairstyle. Oblong shapes benefit from haircuts that are longer on all sides in order to offset the length of the face. Keep volume at the top to a minimum (or avoid it altogether) and style your hair from the sides, towards the forehead.
  4. Triangular: For those with long, narrow foreheads and wider jaws, your haircut should balance your jaw without making your forehead appear closed off. Triangular face shapes benefit from short styles with side parts. This will help your forehead look bigger without seeming taller.
  5. Heart: With a wide forehead, heart-shaped faces tend to narrow in the direction of the chin. The best option for this face shape is an undercut with a long side part and fringe. This haircut will create an optical illusion that softens the forehead.
  6. Square: Square faces are angular with emphasis on the cheeks and jawline. People with square faces can get away with fades and buzzcuts since these hairstyles move the volume upwards to the top centre of the head. Avoid parting your hair in the centre otherwise your face could appear too boxy.
  7. Oval: With an oval face shape, you can experiment with side parts and undercuts. Opt for short styles that bring volume and angles to the top of the head while keeping the sides short. Stay away from bangs and forward fringe because they will make your face appear round.