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Do I Need Top Surgery To Complete My Transition?

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Do I Need Top Surgery To Complete My Transition?|Do I Need Top Surgery To Complete My Transition?

Here at McLean Clinic, we understand that the ultimate goal of FTM Top Surgery is to ensure you feel more comfortable in your body by better aligning your physical appearance and its characteristics to your internal sense of self and the self you present to the world. This journey can be long and difficult and can vary greatly from person from person.

Some transgender patients are comfortable with their chest as-is and do not feel that FTM Top Surgery is a necessity. For others, they may consider the procedure as their next step in becoming their authentic self. FTM Top Surgery is designed to give you a chest that appears more masculine, which can give you results that better represent your gender identity, while reducing body dysmorphia and boosting self esteem and confidence. Ultimately, the decision is yours to make.At your initial consultation, we will have a discussion about how we can tailor your top surgery procedure specifically to you, your goals, and your desired body shape. Breast tissue will be removed with a traditional breast mastectomy or by liposuction to sculpt masculine contours in the chest. Additionally, the areola will be resized and relocated to create a masculine appearance.The methods used for FTM Top Surgery include the double incision mastectomy with nipple grafting and periareolar (keyhole incision). Double incision mastectomies are the most ideal for transgender men with medium to large chests. This surgical technique involves opening the chest through two horizontal incisions along the pectoral muscle, where the skin is then pulled back, and the removal of breast tissue is completed. The keyhole mastectomy is ideal for transgender men with small chests with good skin elasticity. This surgical technique involves the removal of breast tissue through a small incision made at the bottom of the areola. The nipple itself will be left in tact. The great advantage of the keyhole mastectomy is that no long scar will be left behind and is a great option for patient who have small breasts and tight skin. In both surgical techniques, liposuction may be used to further adjust the shape and contour of the chest.No matter the amount of breast tissue there is to remove, you can rest assured that there will be a surgery for you. The method that we choose for your FTM Top Surgery procedure will depend greatly on this factor, and the first place to start is with a consultation in the comfort and privacy of our office in Mississauga. Here, we will determine which option would work best while also getting to know your end goals and desired body shape. Our end goal is to ensure that you feel happier, comfortable, and confident in your new body.As with any other major life decision, it is completely normal to feel anxious or have some doubts. The McLean Clinic team has helped many transgender patients through their transition and have the knowledge, skills, and experience to help answer your questions and concerns with utmost care. The best way to assess your candidacy is to book your consultation with us today.