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Making The Choice: 4 Resources That Can Help You Through This Exciting Time

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4 Resources For The FTM Transition Process

Choosing to move forward with the FTM process is a decision that moves you closer to living a life that’s in line with your true identity and core values. It requires you to consider a number of factors that affect you and your loved ones.

Having the resources to help you through this exciting time can make the process easier and answer many of the questions that arise. The following are four resources that will help you make the best choices for your own journey.

  1. Hudson’s FTM Guide: Hudson’s FTM guide offers information on various topics related to trans men. It can also be a useful resource for the friends and family members who want to learn more and support you throughout the process. The site includes discussions on hormone treatments, surgery, personal grooming, style, and developing a more masculine appearance. This website is geared towards trans and non-trans people looking for a reliable source of information covering these and other topics.
  2. The Transitional Male: The Transitional Male has been active since the 1990s and is one of the original trans resources on the Internet. It’s become a popular source of FTM information that helps to improve the lives of trans men. The site provides resources on local therapists in your area as well as surgeons, endocrinologists, and other health professionals. Information related to the transitioning process is available to help guide you along every step of the way.
  3. Trans Bodies, Trans Selves: A Resource for the Transgender Community by Laura Erickson-Schroth (Book): One of the most popular resources to help individuals undergoing the transition process, this book provides a comprehensive look at the many factors that you need to consider. It’s accessible to a large audience and includes information from experts and transgender people. Issues such as employment, medical treatments, mental health, relationships, religion, race, and parenthood are included among many others. The book includes many viewpoints on transgender issues to create a reliable source that is valuable to trans men, their families, partners, health professionals, and counsellors.
  4. World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH): The World Professional Association for Transgender Health offers a database of healthcare providers for the transgender population. WPATH is a non-profit professional organization that supports transgender health. They receive funding from grants and donations to support their mission of promoting research, education, advocacy, and public policy as they relate to the trans community. These are four resources that can help you through the exciting transition you’re about to make. They’ll help you find the information you need to guide you through the process and provide you and your loved ones with the resources that will enhance the experience for everyone.