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What Happens During Your First Year On Testosterone

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What Happens During Your First Year On Testosterone

Transgender cosmetic surgery can masculinize your chest, but it cannot help you grow facial hair or deepen your voice. However, if you combine the FTM procedure with testosterone therapy, you can achieve great results. Here’s what you can expect during your first year on testosterone whether you’ve undergone transgender cosmetic surgery or not. The below describes the results of intramuscular injections.

The first three months

Most people report that during the first three months of testosterone therapy they are less anxious because they are starting the process of becoming their true self. You will notice that you are sweating more and may experience an elevation in body temperature. Your scent will also change, and you may emit a more masculine body odour. Furthermore, your voice may crack and deepen. It is also at this point in time that your arm hair will thicken.

3-6 months

Depending on how your body is reacting to the testosterone injections, at this point you may feel frustration or angst. This is due to your body trying to adapt to the testosterone and is completely normal. Your body odour will grow more intense and you may notice excessive sweating. At this point your voice should be giving you a deeper baritone sound. Some people notice thicker eyebrows and peach fuzz on their face in the mustache and sideburn area. Finally, your Adam's apple will start to form.

6-9 months

It is around this mark that your emotions should even out and you will start to feel better. Your voice may drop even further but unfortunately, the excessive sweating will not cease just yet. Around six months you could also notice a change in your face as your features harden. You will appear more masculine and mature. Moreover, chin hair should start coming in at this point, and the peach fuzz around the mustache and sideburns should thicken. Hair will also come in on the chest and legs.

9-12 months

Many people are happier after nine months of testosterone therapy because they can see the physical changes in their body. Although body odour may become even more intense at this point and the sweating may not be yet under control, it is at this point that you’ll finally look like you’ve always wanted. Your sideburns, eyebrows and chin hair will thicken even more, and some people are even able to grow the beginnings of a beard after 12 months of testosterone therapy. Additionally, your Adam’s apple should be prominent at this stage.

General changes

There are general changes you will experience at different times during your first year of testosterone, such as your shoe size going up and your skin becoming oiler. Some people report that their genital becomes enlarged after a few months, while for others it takes longer. It all depends on your body.Testosterone therapy allows the body to experience a second puberty. When you combine this therapy with transgender cosmetic surgery, you will get the body you’ve always felt deep down was yours.