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A Guide to Shaving for Trans Men

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Starting to grow facial hair can be a really exciting and important step for transgender men. However, facial hair usually means learning how to shave and trim, unless however you’re going for the lumberjack look!

Firstly, be patient with yourself. It’s quite common along many males to share poor first facial shave stories. Learning to shave properly will take some time, and definitely some trial and error. Along the way you will also discover your shaving preferences when it comes to the type of razor, and type of shaving cream or gel. With these, there is no one right way. It’s down to your personal preference.

Choosing a Razor

There are several different types of razors available, such as:

  • Disposable razors

These are plastic razors that are quite easy to find at a variety of stores. While these are cheap razors that do well in an emergency situation, they are quite flimsy and only last for a couple of shaves. Moreover, the razor head is inflexible, so it may lead to an uneven shave.

  • Electric razors

These can be used at home or on the go, and don’t require shaving cream. They are quick and easy to use, however they don’t produce a close shave such as a double-edged razor will.

  • Cartridge razors

These razors have a plastic or metal handle, and a detachable head. The cartridge can be replaced as needed. They are quick and easy to use, however the disposable cartridge means that they are not cost-efficient or environmentally friendly.

  • Safety Razors

These are old-school razors that have a single metal blade. Using a safety razor can take some time to get the hang of, but they are quite effective and don’t cause as much skin irritation. Because they require practice, a safety razor is probably not the best one to start with!

  • Straight razors

A straight razor is a sharp blade that folds into a handle. It will last forever, and provides a close shave. However, a straight razor is hard to use and takes a lot of practice to use properly. You also need to be very careful, as the blade can cause serious injury if not used properly.Once you’ve got your razor of choice, then you can choose a shaving cream or gel.ShavingIt’s best to shave after a hot shower, which will soften your whiskers. Make sure your beard is evenly covered in shaving cream or gel, then slowly begin shaving while rinsing the blade every couple of strokes. Here’s a quick guide to directions:

  • Sideburns: Shave downward
  • Cheeks: Downward
  • Neck: Upward

Be sure to take your time and make sure you haven’t missed any spots. Shaving should never be a rushed event. Be patient with yourself, and remember that practice makes perfect.For more information in regards to transgender surgery and how to adjust to life after, or contact us here to book a free consultation or call us at 1-855-375-1122.