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FTM Surgery Pre-Operation Tips

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FTM Surgery Tips

Preparing for FTM surgery doesn’t have to be daunting task. Once you’ve decided to undergo the operation, you should begin making a checklist.

Divide the different aspects you’ll need to consider into three simple columns: lifestyle, medications and logistics.Take a look at the details for each topic below. Doing so will ensure that your operation is as successful and stress-free as possible.Take a Look at Your LifestyleJust like you would before any medical procedure, you’ll need to take the best care of yourself possible in the weeks leading up to the surgery. You’ll want to leave the alcohol and cigarettes behind.You should minimize consumption within the two weeks before the operation. It’s important to take these considerations seriously. Otherwise, you may end up with excessive bleeding and bruising (resulting from alcohol) or need extra oxygen (a result of the smoking).Quitting smoking is the best option. Smoking can make your operation less successful by causing delayed healing or compromise the nipple grafts.Don’t forget to look at all of your lifestyle habits as well. Putting away the junk food and eating a balanced diet will improve your foundation of health.Drink plenty of water and implement a program of muscle-building and cardiovascular exercises. Be sure to consult with your doctor about any major changes in your diet and exercise programs.Review Your MedicationYour surgeon will be able to give the most appropriate recommendations about medication. Medical professionals have different schools of thought regarding testosterone use before surgery.Some request that patients stop taking it two to four weeks before to prevent delayed wound healing and blood clots. Other studies suggest that testosterone may relieve incision-related pain and prevent the development of blood clots in deep veins.Regardless, it’s imperative that you discuss each and every medication with your surgeon prior to the operation.Planning AheadPrepare for the days leading up to your surgery ahead of time. Enlist the help of a trust-worthy person to be at your side. It’s best to find someone who is comfortable with helping you eat, bathe, take medicine and change bandages. Discuss any prescriptions you may need and bandage treatment with your surgeon.Though you’ll need to rest, you can still find ways to have a more comfortable recovery period. Have adapters, laptops and speakers ready in your home or hotel. Download audio books by your favorite authors to have a few days before the operation.Using these tips will help you prepare for a comfortable and successful FTM surgery. Taking care of your health and consulting with your doctor is the best way to ensure a successful procedure.