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Criteria for FTM Surgery in Ontario

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FTM Surgery Criteria

Before undergoing any surgery, doctors will review patients to see if they’re suitable for surgery. For FTM procedures, the medical community has guidelines for both maximizing the safety of patients and for physicians to meet professional requirements.

FTM Surgery Criteria

In Ontario, before obtaining the consent of a physician, there are criteria for evaluating your readiness for surgery, which may vary from doctor to doctor.What to Expect in the Evaluation PeriodThere are a few key aspects that doctors would like to see in their patients throughout the transition, including:

  • A diagnosis of Gender Identity Disorder (GID)
  • Signs of acceptance or preparedness for treatment
  • Understanding of risks and side effects, and necessary precautions for such

The previously listed indicators represent the psychological side of the evaluation, however there is also the physical eligibility of undergoing surgery.Those who are at high risk of complication after or during the procedure may be considered unsuitable based on the ground of physical health concerns.To determine eligibility, there are physical and laboratory tests that take into account general health, weight, age, and other relevant factors.What the Gender Identity Clinic’s Criteria Looks LikeThe Centre for Addiction and Mental Health have a very specific criteria because they’re closely linked to OHIP’s funding for sex reassignment surgery.The Clinic has limited spots, and since it administers a wait list, the waiting period is generally protracted as the wait list is quite long.Luckily, it’s possible for family doctors to assume the task of hormone therapy evaluations who will be able to help patients much sooner.Not everyone wants to start hormone therapy nor is it necessary to proceed with top surgery but for those that do, CAMH looks for the fulfillment of all of the following four aspects:

  • A diagnosis of Gender Dysphoria
  • Firm management of mental health and substance use
  • Patient understanding of treatment risks
  • You can prove that you’ve given full thought to implications including fertility and having to come out to those not yet in the know

The fourth component is the most thorough and demonstrates commitment to the decision. It asks patients to consider and make arrangements relevant to your transition, such as disclosing your decision to the people who share important relationships with you.To find out more about having top FTM surgery, contact us today for a consultation with Dr. McLean.