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Concerned About Your Range Of Motion? Try These Motion Exercises After A Mastectomy

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Post-Mastectomy Range Of Motion Exercises

A mastectomy procedure helps individuals achieve a more masculine physique while moving forward in the FTM transition process.

  • Table Slides: Sit in a chair with a table in front of you. Place the arm of the treated side on the table so that it is extended straight out in front of you.Slowly bend your body and allow the arm to slide forward on the table. This causes the shoulder joint to flex. Slowly return to the starting position and repeat as needed.Change your body’s position so that the arm rests sideways or at an angle from your body. Repeat the same movements to mobilize the shoulder joint in different planes of motion.
  • Wall Walks: Wall walks are similar to the table slide, but they are slightly less passive and require you to use the arm muscles to perform the exercise.Start by placing your hand on the wall. Slowly “walk” your hand up along the wall using your fingers. Continue until you feel a mild to moderate stretch, and then slowly return to the starting position.Increase the range of motion with each repetition in order to allow the tissues to stretch further. Change your body’s position to apply a different angle with the stretch.
  • Pendulums: Shoulder pendulums are ideal for patients who have higher levels of discomfort. They allow you to move the shoulder in different planes of motion with minimal risk of injury.Bend over at the waist and support yourself on a table with the non-surgical arm. Allow the arm of the treated side to hang freely so that it is pointing towards the ground.Use your body’s movement to allow the arm to gently swing from side to side. Repeat for the desired number of repetitions before switching to front-to-back and circular movements.
  • When to Use Motion ExercisesExercises that restore joint range of motion are often used once the initial soreness has subsided. For most patients, the best time to begin using motion exercises is two to four weeks after the procedure.Movements should begin gently and with a reduced range in order for the surrounding tissues to adjust. Overdoing it may cause trauma to the treated areas and can increase the time required to achieve a full recovery.It’s better to do brief sessions frequently throughout the day. This reduces the amount of stress being placed on the tissues at one time and prevents inflammation and soreness.These motion exercises help you restore your range of motion after a mastectomy. This prevents issues related to pain and ensures that you can resume your daily activities while achieving a quick and healthy recovery.