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Can Weight Gain After FTM Surgery Cause Breasts to Grow Back?

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Weight Gain After FTM|Weight Gain After FTM

A common concern of those who have undergone FTM top surgery – and those who are still considering it – is whether their breast tissue can regrow following the procedure. There are many myths and stories surrounding top surgery, testosterone, and FTM transitioning in general that can make it difficult for people to find out the truth about how the procedure will affect their body and what they can expect in the future.

Top Surgery Procedures There are two different procedures that your surgeon can employ during your top surgery, and their decision will largely depend on the size of your breasts.For larger breasts a procedure known as a double incision bilateral mastectomy is required.This procedure involves using long incisions along the base of the breast to remove all breast tissues along with some excess skin. The nipple and areola are then repositioned for a more masculine appearance. This leaves two horizontal scars along the lower edge of the pectoral muscle, but is the most effective way to properly remove all tissues.For those with smaller breasts, a procedure known as periareolar or keyhole surgery may be utilized instead. This procedure avoids the larger scars of the double incision bilateral mastectomy, and allows the surgeon a different access to breast tissues. Using a small incision around the areola, the fat and glandular breast tissue is removed, leaving the area flat.Regardless of which procedure your surgeon uses, breast tissue cannot regrow once removed from the body. There is, however, some chance that if there is tissue left behind patients may experience some natural growth or shrinkage. Because there is little to none of this tissue left behind, however, the visual effect of such changes should be minimal.The Effect of Weight Gain For best results, your surgeon will likely leave some amount of fat behind in order to create a proportionate chest that does not appear too flat.This fat is just as prone to growth and shrinkage as fat anywhere else on your body. For patients who have opted to keep their ovaries and have stopped taking testosterone, there is some chance that weight gained following top surgery may continue to follow feminine patterns.In this case, is it possible that some fat growth in the region of the chest will cause a more feminine appearance but should not be mistaken as regrowth of breast tissue. In order to prevent this, it is recommended that healthy exercise and diet regimens be practiced following FTM top surgery.For more information about future changes following FTM surgery, contact the experts at FTM Surgery today!