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Can You Change The Gender On Your Passport?

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Changing Gender On Your Passport

Changing your gender on legal documents is one of the most important steps to take after undergoing an FTM procedure.

Inconsistencies in your documentation can lead to a number of unwanted issues related to travel, medical insurance, and important aspects of daily living. The following will help you understand what you need to change the gender on your passport.

Obtaining a New Passport

In order to change the gender on your passport, you’ll need to apply to have a new one issued. This is required regardless of whether or not your current passport has expired. Obtaining a new passport will allow you to provide a new photograph, which is especially important in cases where an individual’s appearance has significantly changed or if they have chosen a new name. In some cases, applicants will need to indicate the reasons for requesting a new passport. This typically occurs if a person’s existing passport has more than one year remaining before expiration.

Gender Designation

Another important point to remember is that your passport’s gender designation will be listed in accordance with the documents that prove your Canadian citizenship. These include any citizenship certificates or your birth certificate. Therefore, in order to change the listed gender on your passport, you’ll need to follow a few steps to avoid any unwanted delays. Original applications must be provided along with two photos for your passport, and a guarantor. Your guarantor will need to sign one of your photos, and you’ll need to provide proof of citizenship and any other documents that support your identity. Travel documents that have been obtained within the previous five-year period will need to be submitted. There is a fee that must be paid as part of the application process. Canadian citizens in Canada must pay a fee of $87 while those living abroad pay fees ranging from $97 to $100. To change the gender on your passport, you’ll need to provide proof of citizenship that reflects your lived gender. Otherwise, you’ll have to provide the appropriate medical documents to indicate that you’ve undergone a gender reassignment procedure.

Obtaining a Limited Validity Passport

Individuals can obtain limited validity passports in cases where a gender reassignment surgery has not yet taken place. These passports are valid for two years and require documents that prove that you’ll undergo a reassignment surgery within the next year. Applications for new passports can be submitted by mail, courier, or in person. The time required to process and approve your application may vary. There are services available to expedite the process. You can change the gender on your passport by following these steps. Understanding the process provides you with the resources you need to obtain a passport that reflects your lived gender and prevents any unwanted complications during travel.