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5 Best Movies and TV Shows to Watch While Transitioning

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Movies And TV Shows To Watch

Movies and TV shows have changed a lot over the years. The number of programs that are addressing transgender issues and representing strong transgender characters has perhaps been the biggest shift in mainstream entertainment.

These movies and shows bring a greater awareness to what it means to be a transgender person in today’s society. They highlight the struggles and triumphs that occur when making the transition while facing criticism, fear, or a lack of understanding from others.  We’re taking a look at the 5 best movies and TV shows to watch as you make your own journey through this transition.

1. Ma Vie En Rose

The title of this move translates to “My Life in Pink”. It’s a film that depicts the journey of one young boy who struggles to be the person he feels he truly is, despite having to face the discrimination from his community and within his own family. It’s a touching film that shows the different aspects of making a transition from being the boy that everyone wants him to be, to the girl that he believes he is.  

2. Transamerica

Transamerica was one of the first mainstream American films to bring this issue to the public consciousness. It stars well-known actress Felicity Huffman, who achieved previous success with the show Desperate Housewives. She received widespread recognition for this film that included nominations for both a Golden Globe and Oscar award. The film tells the story of a transgender woman who must make a cross-country trip with her son, with whom she recently reunited.

3. Normal

Academy Award-winning actress Jessica Lange stars alongside Tom Wilkinson in this HBO film. When her husband of 25 years decides to undergo a gender reassignment surgery, she must face criticism from her surrounding community and co-workers. The film was presented at the Sundance Film Festival and went on to receive both Emmy and Golden Globe nominations.

4. Transparent

Transparent is a TV show about a father whose family discovers his life as a woman. It’s a comedy and drama that was inspired by writer Jill Soloway’s own experience with her father. The show highlights issues related to gender, personal identity, and family.

5. New Girls on the Block

This new reality show marks a first for Discovery Life, the network that developed the series. The show follows a group of transgender individuals in different transition stages. Each has their own relationships to navigate as they make their way through the process, which allows viewers to explore different ideas around what it means to be transgender. As movies and TV shows continue to address transgender issues, a greater awareness and understanding can develop among the general public. These programs help you and those you love have a greater understanding of how transgender lifestyles are as unique as the people who live them.