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4 Ways You Can Support Transgender Rights In 2016

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How To Support Transgender Rights This Year

As we move forward with 2016, many people inside and outside the transgender community are wondering how they can support the rights of transgendered people in the next year.

Advocacy for the rights of transgendered people has grown significantly in recent years and in this latest article we highlight 4 ways you can support transgender rights this year!

  • Ask Your Local Library to Carry Resources for Transgendered People

Your local library can be a great source of information on all topics, but many have underdeveloped resources on topics important to transgendered people. For those with ties to their local library, you might consider asking library workers to add more transgendered books and magazines to their selection.

The library might also consider holding seminars to discuss the issues transgendered people face in our society!

  • Guide a Local College on Transgender Issues

With transgendered people now facing less hostility in society, people in all walks of life are now gaining support from their local communities. However, it’s often the people that in the midst of gaining a scholastic education severely lack a common-sense education when it comes to transgender rights, so it’s important for those with experience in the transgender community to work with local colleges on how to provide services for transgendered people.

  • Work to Change Policies at Your Workplace

You may discover that your work place is not inclusive of transgendered people and their rights under the law.

Many companies still do not have policies regarding gender identity and discrimination against transgendered people. This can make it very difficult for people who are transgendered to assimilate and feel free to communicate openly within that working environment.

This is why it’s important to work with key stakeholders across your organization to help them understand the issues transgendered people face in the workplace and to respond to these issues with changes to workplace policies.

  • Create or Support a Podcast for the Transgendered Community

Podcasts are quickly becoming a leading tool for communicating about hot topic issues in our society. They benefit from being a method of free expression online, and so you may consider creating a podcast to discuss transgender issues in our society as a way to educate listeners. This process can also help to enhance the debate around treatment of transgendered people and to engage a wider audience in the process of encouraging societal change.

By harnessing these channels for advocacy, you can become an agent of proactive change in your community and drive engagement on the issues transgendered people face on a day-to-day basis. To discover more ways to support transgender rights, speak with our experts today!