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4 Things You Didn’t Expect To Happen During Transition

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Unexpected Events During Transition

FTM procedures are not exactly easy, but the transition period can provide the perfect opportunity to reflect on your new life and all the fun things you’ll do with the new you.

While most people prepare themselves for the actual surgery, the immediate recovery, and the long-term effects it will have on their life, there are a lot of aspects that get overlooked. The small daily changes you’ll make during your recovery and your ongoing lifestyle alterations will all contribute to the man you’re about to become. Some of the things people don’t expect to experience during the process include:

  1. Splurging on new clothes that flatter your body
  2. One of the things that most people look forward to after breast surgery is shirt shopping. It’s likely that not only will your old wardrobe not fit, but you’ll be eager to try on new clothes that flatter your flatter chest (no pun intended).
  3. Zero house chores
  4. When recovering from surgery, it is important that you get plenty of rest. This means that you shouldn’t scrub any dishes, cook, clean, or perform any other house chores that could tire you. It’s best to enlist the help of friends and family during this time so they can handle all those house tasks. Although it seems like a big favor to ask, most families are eager to do what they can to help make the transition process as easy as possible.
  5. Exploring your novel collection
  6. As you recover, you can get yourself a sturdy reading pillow to keep your head elevated while lying down. Generally, many procedures require the patient to sleep sitting up for a few weeks following surgery. With a three-sided pillow, you will be able to do a lot more while remaining very comfortable.
  7. Entertainment time
  8. As you recover, you will have plenty of time in your hands. This makes it a perfect time to discover new movies, books, or music that you may have missed during your regular day-to-day life!To get out of the house, many newly transitioned people choose activities like live theatre events or a simple evening at the movies, as they allow you to get out while still minimizing movement.

After your surgery, there are endless good things to look forward to. If you were uncomfortable with your body the way it was, you should be excited to go show off your new self, even though strangers will not be able to tell that you’re transformed.Being comfortable with yourself will boost your self-esteem and confidence, making you a more pleasant person to be around. Besides your personal and social life feeling more natural as you come into your own, other aspects of your life, like work, will start getting more relaxing as you let go of past insecurities.The changes that come along with transition are wide and surprising, but without a doubt will create a positive impact on your live.