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3 Tips To Grooming Your Facial Hair During The Initial Awkward Phase

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Grooming Facial Hair For FTM

For anyone growing facial hair, there’s an inevitable awkward phase that you’ll have to work through.Whether you’re growing a simple mustache or a beard, knowing how to maintain your facial hair allows it to properly grow so that it enhances your unique facial features.

Hair Growth for FTM

The growth of your facial hair depends on a number of factors that include genetics and your specific level of testosterone therapy. Some people have a greater tendency to grow facial hair. Non-trans men will also vary in their ability to grow hair after puberty.Even with testosterone therapy, the rate of hair growth will be different for each person. Some people are unable to grow a full beard regardless of the application of testosterone.If you’re able to grow an adequate amount of facial hair, keep in mind that its thickness may increase over time. This makes it easy for you to go through the initial awkward phase.The following are three tips to grooming your facial hair during the initial awkward phase.

  1. Trim Facial Hair at the Right Time: Many people make the mistake of trimming their facial too early in the process. For best results, wait about one month before trimming your hair. This allows a significant amount of hair to grow and gives you a bit more to work with when grooming.Once this period has passed, you can begin trimming your facial hair in a way that compliments your unique features. You can use a variety of tools such as an electric trimmer, barber scissors, and a razor. Other grooming tools you’ll need include a mirror and beard comb.
  2. Use Correct Grooming Technique: The right grooming techniques will maximize your results when growing your facial hair. Regular trimmings should be performed rather than waiting too long between each grooming session.If you want to maintain a short beard, you’ll need to groom more often than if you’re aiming for a fuller and longer beard. Trimming should be done no less than on a weekly basis.Shampoo and conditioner can also be used when washing your beard. Soap may cause it dry out, so take the time to find the products that work best for you.
  3. Determine the Right Look for You: There are numerous style factors to consider for facial hair. These include beards, mustaches, and sideburns. Each can be styled to suit your unique tastes and features.Each person has a unique pattern in which facial hair grows. This can make it difficult to style your facial hair in the way that works for you.The best approach is to try a few different looks during the initial phase. You can also consult with friends or your barber to find the best look for you.

These three tips to grooming your facial hair during the initial awkward phase will provide the best results. By knowing basic grooming techniques and finding the right look for you, you’ll develop the right style that suits your tastes and unique features.