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3 Most Important Trans Supporters In Politics

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Influential Political Trans Supporters

The politicians are the people within the public eye that can make a significant difference in the lives of minority groups across the country. It’s the reason that political support for the rights of transgendered people around the world are all the more important in an age where people who identify as transgendered still suffer significant discrimination under the law and within their working and personal lives.

In this article, we’ll highlight three amazing politicians who support the rights of transgendered people!

  • Joe Biden

The Vice President of the United States has long been a vocal advocate for transgender people across the United States. In a recent speech, he said that the issue of transgendered people’s rights is, “The human rights issue of our time.” He has also been an advocate for the Federal Equality Act, which will enshrine into law many important protections for transgendered people in the United States.

  • Justin Trudeau

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has shown critical support of transgender rights in Canada in recent years, both in his role as an MP and in his role campaigning for the position of Prime Minister.During the campaign trail, he expressed his commitment to providing transgendered people access to their required health resources, such as hormone therapy. He said that his government will, “Take on the kind of leadership that is needed from the federal government around health care, and trans rights will certainly be part of that.”

  • NDP MP Randall Garrison

NDP MP Randall Garrison is the man who introduced bill C-279 to parliament earlier in 2015. The bill would fight hate crimes against transgendered people by adding gender provisions to the Canadian Criminal Code and to the Canada Human Rights Act. This was seen as a leading step forward for transgendered Canadians, and will be the foundation to future laws protecting Canadians and their rights inside the workplace and within their private lives.By examining the changes taking place within the local political environment, both Canadians and Americans can see the large strides forward the transgender community is making.While there is immense progress still to take place, the momentum in the movement and the politicians leading the fight for transgender people’s rights will give hope to millions across North America. To learn more on the latest political changes to impact the transgender community, speak with our team today.